Removing Paint From Concrete

Adventitiously, one of my post mainstream posts on Vintage Revivals is the manner by which to paint concrete. I get it’s about time we discuss how to expel paint from cement!

This information will work whether you are endeavoring to evacuate splash paint, floor paint, divider paint, cover stick, truly anything!!

Expelling Paint from Concrete

The principal thing that requirements to occur before you can begin anything critical with your tile flooring is the expulsion of old lasting layers. Things like paint, glues, oils, and so on will fundamentally disable your tile work. While the thinset may have no issue adhering to the paint, the layer of paint may come free from the solid and womp, farewell thinset quality.

Expel Paint from Concrete

Our floors had 8 (eight!!) layers of paint on them. Since we didnt recognize what the layers comprised of, or how old they were (lead paint I’m taking a gander at you!) We picked to utilize a concoction stripper versus sanding it off. The stripper we utilized is Klean Strip Premium from Home Depot. You can get it in the paint area!

To Remove Paint from Concrete You’ll Need:


Floor Scraper

Concoction Resistant Gloves

Old Shoes


Paint Roller and Pole

Begin by outfitting. You will need to wear old shoes that you couldn’t care less about, and gloves in case you will deal with the stripped paint. This stripper is no joke, it consumes in the event that you get it on your skin.

Stage 1: Pour and Roll the Stripper

Pour the stripper onto the ground and move it out with a paint roller. The layer ought to be thick. On the off chance that it’s too thin you’ll need to return with a second layer.

Stage 2: Let the stripper sit on the paint for 20-25 minutes.

As it enacts and slackens the paint, you will see it begin to air pocket and discharge itself from the solid. In case you’re fortunate as were we, you may considerably find shrouded dinosaur tracks underneath a couple of the layers…

Stage 3: Scrape

Utilize your floor scrubber to rub off the rose paint. We found that it was best to rub everything into a huge heap and afterward scoop it into old boxes.

Stage 4: Reapply

Reapply stripper on the off chance that regardless you have paint on the solid.

Stage 5: Wipe Down

Once you’ve scratched the majority of the paint off of the solid floors, utilize a basin of lathery water and a substantial push sweeper to clear up any outstanding pieces of paint and to get the stripper buildup off of the solid. Let the solid dry for 24-48 hours before proceeding onward to the subsequent stage of prep, or tile.

The subsequent stage in our tile setting venture was leveling the solid, you can peruse about it here!